Welcome to a space where inquiry, exploration, and discussion are encouraged and accepted from individuals from all walks of life. My intention with this site and future publications is to create an inclusive, compassionate community where all individuals from both sides of the mental health system are embraced as equals with inherent wisdom to teach and learn from each other.

Throughout my 30 years as a social worker in so many front line capacities, I had and still do, have the privilege to meet individuals whose resiliency, wisdom, and compassion  allow me to learn, grow, and empower. Many of these key individuals are extraordinary individuals who due to doleful and harrowing life circumstances end up being participants in the mental health system.  Longing to reintegrate and belong, they are alienated and excluded from the rest of the tribe due to camouflaged differences. But, how different are they from us in mainstream society? Is there a difference at all among community members?

Please join me into an in-depth exploration of historical and current stratification and systematization of the non conformists of society. My overall intention with this site and all future projects is to find the humanness in us all regardless of differences. However, inclusion and sameness starts with an empowered gatekeeper of the mental health system, that is:  the social worker and mental health clinician.