I would like to acknowledge the role of several key individuals who were instrumental for the creation of this Multimedia Project and essential in educating me to become a  practitioner-scholar.

I would like to express my very great appreciation to Dr. Michael LaSala, Ph.D., Rutgers Doctorate in Social Work Program Director, for taking the time to explore, guide, support, and direct me towards this Multimedia Project.  I am grateful for Dr. LaSala’s valuable and constructive suggestions during the planning and execution of this Multimedia Project.

I would like to acknowledge and give my gratitude to Dr. Becca Klaver, Ph.D., Rutgers  Doctorate in Social Work Writing Program Instructor.  Without Dr. Klaver’s instruction, expertise, continuous patient guidance, and communication this MMP would not have come to fruition.

To Dr. Miriam Jaffe Ph.D., Rutgers Doctorate in Social Work Writing Program Instructor, I would like to give my gratitude for her time in teaching me the art of writing and close reading.

I would like to acknowledge and extend my gratitude to Mr. Nicholas West, Rutgers Doctorate in Social Work Instructional Designer, for his computer knowledge, proficiency, skills, and patience whenever I needed assistance and direction.

I would like to express my very great appreciation to Dr. Angela Woods, Ph.D from Durham University for expanding my mind on non-ordinary states of consciousness, voice hearers, schizophrenia, and for introducing the Hearing Voices Network.

To the Founding Director of the Rutgers Doctorate in Social Work program, Dr. Jerry Floersch, Ph.D. and to the Founding Head of the Doctorate in Social Work Curriculum,  Dr. Jeffrey Longhofer, Ph.D.,  I thank you both for expanding and molding my mind with new concepts, new ways of thinking, and providing me with new beginnings.

I am forever grateful to my Rutgers Doctorate in Social Work classmates for being my role models and imparting their abundant knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and dedication to the Social Work profession.  I am grateful for their camaraderie and support throughout our academic years together.

I am grateful to Dr. Luthra, Ph.D., MICA/PH Program Director in guiding and working with me to implement the Hearing Voices groups in the program.   I  am grateful to       Dr. Luthra in having faith and belief in me by allowing me to expand and grow in the program.

I am very grateful to Mrs. Ann Gross, L.S.W. for her encouragement and support with all of my projects. I am grateful to Mrs. Gross in taking time and dedicating herself in editing this MMP.

I am appreciative to Mrs. Parween Quraishi, L.S.W. for allowing me to interview her for my podcast and for always being supportive and encouraging throughout my academic years.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my colleagues at the hospital who supported, uplifted me, and were extremely patient as I completed my doctorate.

Finally, I am forever grateful and indebted to my daughter, Jazmin and to my husband, Tolis, who both expressed and showed their support, encouragement, and uplifted me while I devoted time and energy to my academic pursuit.


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